Tesla and the EARTH ac system of acres of farm land

Modern EARTH geography electron system MAPS explain brain electron mapping ERRORS

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The city of electricity electron TRIAL of O.J.Simpson

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The state of California has many geography cities. In addition,  it has other cities that are never discussed  by citizens.   Citizens are members of these secret cities and their crime rackets and murder schemes; hence, they refuse to discuss them.  


Let's consider 2 such cities ... named: velocity and electricity ..... .and then cover the city of electricity murder case of Ron Goldman by O.J. Simpson.



c = 186,000 velocity of light with the  traveling   photon city and its symbol life contents of proper nouns, verbs, concepts, and ideas.
Thus when  you are in a classroom  the teacher stands at the front of the class and looks at the student pupils.

We have 3 pupils involved with1 student.   The  body of a 160 pound  male high school senior is one pupil and his 2 eyes have 2 pupils --> sum of 3 pupils.
Thus the optical  information interchange of the teacher's eyes with the class of student eyes   ... the silent, secret, never discussed system.



The AC  motor was invented by Tesla.


Nikola Tesla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For other uses of Nikola Tesla, see Nikola Tesla (disambiguation). ... His patented AC induction motor and transformer were licensed by George Westinghouse, ...


Nikola Tesla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nikola Tesla (Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Тесла; 10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, ...
Now, let's look at EARTH systems from the Tesla viewpoint ... as an EARTH AC motor.

The EARTH rotates on it axis every 24 hours ..... day and night, day and night  ... an alternating cycle.
The EARTH's iron core and the daily rotation of the EARTH is  equivalent to a Tesla concept of  an  AC motor armature system ....
Thus ... we consider looking at the BIG PICTURE of Nature's system architecture and its messages and expressions between 1850 and 1900.
Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE words, languages, and equations   help us understand the  REALITY of Nature's electron expression system from those days.
The EARTH's  AC   rotation affected human life and human brain electron  thought circuits.   This interaction between Nature's AC system and the brain of man resulted in new formats of expression and language and thought.
We have 3 major ac messages ..... 
1)  ACRES of farm land on the geography surface  of EARTH.
Thus as American farms developed in year 1850 thru 1900  ...the land was divided up into AC units. 
In fact  ..the EARTH AC sin wave and its interaction with human brain electron thought circuits resulted in the human conveyance of the signal 29 message about the pending evolution of copper electron technology by EARTH's  systems engineering entities (like IRISH leprechauns or Santa'a Claus elves) .

History of Wisconsin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Since its admission to the Union on May 29, 1848 as 30th state, Wisconsin has been ..... South of these two settlements, George H. Walker founded the town of ...
2) the  EARTH AC  literature message from England ............. 

David   Copperfield - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

David Copperfield is the common name of the eighth novel by Charles Dickens, first published as a novel in 1850. Its full title is The Personal History, Adventures ...
Thus Nature's indirect, early  signal about copper atom metal  and its  pending evolution in the society and INDUSTRY.

Electric Field and the Movement of Charge - The Physics Classroom

www.physicsclassroom.com › Physics TutorialCurrent Electricity
Current Electricity - Lesson 1 - Electric Potential Difference ... The concept of electric field was first introduced in the unit on Static Electricity. In that unit, electric ...

David     Copperfield - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

David     Copperfield - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

David     Copperfield -  Earth AC language influence on Washington, DC 


Camp David - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Camp David is the country retreat of the President of the United States. It is located in wooded hills about 62 miles (100 km) north-northwest of Washington, D.C., ...

Copper consist of 2 isotopes.they are copper-63 and copper-65 with ...

answers.yahoo.com › All CategoriesScience & MathematicsChemistry
the atomic mass of copper is 63.55 (Amu) which is…
 about 62 miles
 about 62 miles
 about 62 miles
 about 62 miles
 about 62 miles  with copper atomic mass 63
In computer science terms ... we have an COMPUTER EARTH geography address space that starts at zero = o.
In the periodic table atomic mass starts at number 1  ...... then copper at number 63.
In a copper-wire computer the atomic table ADDRESS  0  is  the 1st location.
In a EARTH equivalent computer ADDRESS 62 is the 63 location.
Therefore .........  signal about 62 miles  is the  displacement from address  0 (the White House is the origin point)
Thus............ 63 is Camp David (per David Copperfield)  relative to the First lady (location 1 at White House address o)
The White House is represents  the EARTH spokespeople ...  but they ignore that.  They  perceive the EARTH, Earth languages, Earth AC systems,  and Nature's INTELLECT as inferior to their  superior human brain that  features  HOLLYWOOD thoughts.

Now, that we have  EARTH electron SIN wave expression system   background .. let''s look at the  murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman for CLUES about Nature's system architecture.  The SYMBOL MACHINE will help us explain various concepts.


O. J. Simpson murder case


The O. J. Simpson murder case (officially the People of the State of California vs. Orenthal James Simpson) was a criminal trial held at the Superior Court in Los Angeles County, California, that spanned from the jury being sworn in on November 2, 1994,[1] to opening statements on January 24, 1995,[2] to a verdict on October 3, 1995.[3] The former professional football star and actor O. J. Simpson was tried on two counts of murder after the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson,

and a waiter, Ronald  Goldman, in June 1994. 



Keyword situation and  CLUE from EARTH"s AC social  engineering  MESSAGE  system   ......... 

Orenthal James "O. J." Simpson (born July 9, 1947), nicknamed "The Juice", currently in prison, is a retired American football player and actor. Simpson was the first professional football player to rush for more than 2,000 yards in a season, a mark he set in 1973. While six other players have passed the 2,000 rush yard mark, he stands alone as the only player to rush for more than 2,000 yards in a 14-game season (professional football changed to a 16-game season in 1978). He holds the record for the single season yards-per-game average, which stands at 143.1 ypg. Simpson was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.


Images for copper atom

Images for copper atom

Images for copper --> Cu  atom with Electron JUICE current   and  super-symmetry bio-physiccs agent currently  DEMO

Images for copper skinned atomic expression agent

O. J. Simpson
O.J. Simpson 1990 · DN-ST-91-03444 crop.JPEG
Simpson photographed in 1990
No. 32
Running back
Personal information
Date of birth: July 9, 1947 (age 66)
Place of birth: San Francisco, California
Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)Weight: 212 lb (96 kg)
Career information
High school: San Francisco (CA) Galileo
College: Southern California
NFL Draft: 1969 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1
Debuted in 1969 for the Buffalo Bills
Last played in 1979 for the San Francisco 49ers

Thus..his role as  a running BACK is a signal about feedback control systems.   


Control system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to Linear control - [edit]. Second order transfer function.svg.

Linear control systems use linear negative feedback to produce a control signal ...


  • 3 OPTIMAL LINEAR STATE FEEDBACK CONTROL SYSTEMS  (State of California song and dance)

    IEEE Control Systems Society
    We shall see that linear control theory provides powerful tools for solving such ... In Chapter 2 we saw that an important aspect of feedback system design is.
  • [PDF]
  •  control theory provides powerful tools
  •  control theory provides powerful tools
  •  control theory provides powerful tools
  •  control theory provides powerful 
  •  control theory provides powerful Fools 


    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    The design of linear feedback systems,_ also called linear control systems, is certainly an important area of linear systems since we deal with many 
    Now, let's look at then Ron Goldman signal ... the word CLUE.
    electron Goldman
    electron Goldman
    Now, Computer Earth system 370 Base 16 hexadecimal tells us that HEX' 1d' = 29 decimal number --> points to the copper 29 electrons.
    Below, look for number 29 under DEC = decimal.
    Next to decimal 29 is Base 16 hexadecimal  number 1d  ..... used by data fields --> used by copper fields ...used by copper data fields  --> and  Nature's information evolution predicts .... we now have  ...David Copperfield with data fields ........  and Camp David copper data fields. 
    The next number in the above table ..  is decimal 32   --> the system LINK  to the feedback agent --> running back  agent with coppertone skin,etc.

    O.J.Simpson photographed in 1990
    No. 32
    Running back


Thus the SYMBOL description of the murder, the murder trial, and the people involved  ..... along with the proper nouns, adjectives, etc   ...stronglly suggest that the EARTH AC system created this murder EVENT as a signal to  social engineers and electricity engineers.


The above murder signal and its Base 16 CLUE  of Hex'1D"     ....... the incomplete explanation given about the EARTH signaling event ABOVE ..
resulted in the repeat of the signal concepts  on April 16 at Norris Hall engineering building at Virginia TECH.


That Norris Hall  signal has  been ignored  .... as citizen, comunities, and  universities neglect their INTELLECTUAL  responsibilities to diplomatically communicate with those that have an interest in the deeper levels of real  REALITY and study these situations.


Thus you see some pieces to some puzzles about tragic signaling  EVENTS   ..... an  outline that ought help YOU  get started on your research mission  ... to explain it better  ...  with your  pieces of info added to the puzzle and its PICTURE solution.   


  • Theory of everything
  • A theory of everything or final theory, ultimate theory or master theory refers to the hypothetical presence of a single, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics that fully explains ... Wikipedia

A Theory of Everything - PBS

Public Broadcasting Service
A Theory of Everything. We have reached an extraordinary point in the history of science, for some physicists believe they are now on the verge of having a ...



Let's review some concepts about the SYMBOL MACHINE.


This blog post uses Nature's  SYMBOL PROCESSORS that describe the universe AND  its contents.

Modern CMS (Content Management Systems) are used to describe EARTH contents   ....... .....  humans activities and  tragic signaling EVENTS.


In year 2014 ..... the TALE of 2 Cities provides an accurate perception of existence on EARTH.

1) physical existence of biology human beings, lumber houses, I-beams  of  iron/ cement/ glass office buildings, 4-wheeled automobiles with gasoline engines, etc

2) SYMBOL MACHINE existence ..... cities of black ink symbols and concepts --> chemistry books, computer manuals,   college textbooks on electronics,  books of algebra equations, etc., 


Thus we have modern view of EARTH .....  a symbol universe  that physical biology humans live within.  Humans are considered subsets  ...... living within.... embedded within Nature's symbol universe.


We are reminded of ....... 

Language in thought and action - S. I. Hayakawa - Google ...

books.google.com › Language Arts & Disciplines › Linguistics › General‎
A revised, updated edition of S. I. Hayakawa's classic work on semantics. He discusses the role of language, its many functions, and how language shapes our ...


Hayakawa: A Summary - Personal Homepages
Apr 22, 2008 - Semantics is primarily concerned with meaning and reference, i.e. what Hayakawa calls the relationship between the «map» and the «territory» ...


Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodelwww.rijnlandmodel.nl/.../algemene.../hayakawa/ch02_maps_territories.ht...‎


Uit: Language in Thought and Action, door S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.



Korzybski's Structural Differential and Hayakawa's Abstraction Ladder. By Steve Stockdale. This paper was inspired by, and is addressed to, Andrea Johnson's ...
abstraction Ladder - Rijnlandmodelwww.rijnlandmodel.nl/english/general_semantics/abstraction_ladder.htm‎


GENERAL SEMANTICS & RHINELAND MODEL ... abstractions and their relations is originated by Alfred Korzybski in his book Science and Sanity. ... Hayakawa's version starts with a real live animal, Bessie the cow. ... collected by Hayakawa in his archetypal version of the abstraction ladder, see the illustration alongside.




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