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The Tesla WARS in Yugoslavia in years 1992 thru 1998


Let's look at the EM wars in the Yugoslavia region  over Nikoli Tesla.



Nikola Tesla
Tesla circa 1890.jpeg
Tesla, aged 37, 1893, photo by Napoleon Sarony
Born 10 July 1856
Smiljan, Austrian Empire (modern-day Croatia)
Died 7 January 1943 (aged 86)
New York City, New York, USA
Citizenship Austrian Empire (10 July 1856 – 1867)
Austria-Hungary (1867 – 31 October 1918)
United States (30 July 1891 – 7 January 1943)
Signature TeslaSignature.svg
Engineering career
Engineering discipline Electrical engineering
Mechanical engineering
Significant projects Alternating current,
high-voltage, high-frequency power experiments
Significant design Induction motor
Rotating magnetic field
Tesla coil
Radio remote control vehicle (torpedo)[1]
Significant awards



Nikola Tesla (Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Тесла; 10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was a Serbian American[2][3] inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.[4]

Tesla gained experience in telephony and electrical engineering before emigrating to the United States in 1884 to work for Thomas Edison. He soon struck out on his own with financial backers, setting up laboratories and companies to develop a range of electrical devices. His patented AC induction motor and transformer were licensed by George Westinghouse, who also hired Tesla as a consultant to help develop a power system using alternating current. Tesla is also known for his high-voltage, high-frequency power experiments in New York and Colorado Springs which included patented devices and theoretical work used in the invention of radio communication,[5] for his X-ray experiments, and for his ill-fated attempt at intercontinental wireless transmission in his unfinished Wardenclyffe Tower project.[6]


Yugoslav Wars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Yugoslav Wars were a series of wars fought in Yugoslavia from 1991 to 2001 between the republics that sought sovereignty on one side and the ...




Nikola Tesla was born in 1956 to Serbian parents in the village of Smiljan, Austrian Empire (modern-day Croatia).


Below, the Tesla war map with the Serb and Croatia war reports








Thus we see the United States role in the war region. The important factors are:

a)    The Hertzian wave region know as......  



NATO intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Wikipedia, the free ...

NATO's first involvement in both the Bosnian War and the Yugoslav wars in ... On February 28, 1994, the scope of NATO involvement in Bosnia increased ...




Hertzian waves - The Free Dictionary

An electromagnetic wave, usually of radio frequency, produced by the oscillation of electricity in a conductor. [After Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.] Hertzian wave. n. 1




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    Nikola Tesla (Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Тесла; 10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) .....Wireless transmission of power and energy demonstration during his 1891 .... Tesla was detecting from lightning storms confirmed his belief that the earth had a  ...


  1. Nikola Tesla's Idea of Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy is ...

    Nikola Tesla's Idea of Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy is a ... Above: Tesla's Wireless "World System" To Turn Earth into Once Gigantic Dynamo.
    1. Nikola Tesla - Power Tower - Nikola Tesla - Cosmic Visionary

      Nikola Tesla - Power Tower Free Energy for Spaceship Earth Energy for the 21st Century and Beyond. Perhaps Tesla's greatest discovery and vision was a  ...
    2. The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla - 07

      Tesla's intent was to condense the energy trapped between the earth and its upper atmosphere and to turn it into an electric current. He pictured the sun as an  ...
    3. Did Nikola Tesla create free energy? | The Libertarian Republic

      Sep 12, 2013 - Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors of the 20th century– one...... After that he transmitted this energy wirelessly through the EARTH  ...
    4. Tesla - Free Energy - Wireless Electricity - Mind-course.com

      The method Nikola Tesla would use to produce this wireless power was to employ theearth's own resonance with its specific vibrational frequency to conduct ...
    5. Nikola Tesla, AMAZING free energy discovered - YouTube

      May 28, 2011 - Uploaded by DominicSchwarzer
      The Tesla generator has a potential to harness free energy from the earth and uses the magnetic charges between the sun and the earth.
      Thus .. in year 2014, we see the Tesla WORLD system and the subset United States  ..... that ought try to understand Nature and modern reality.

 The United States  LA --> Load Address instruction



 Thus...we see the TESLA wars for control of the United States(la) for science integrity .... instead of the incomplete explanations given in newspapers about tragic signaling  SCIENCE WAR EVENTS.








 Thus ..... we see and more accurate perception is .... the SCIENCE WARS with Tesla





Let's look at the precursor to the Tesla WARS in Yugoslavia.

The world-wide EM wars started around 1990/1991.  The electromagnetic WAR region of  IRAQ/Kuwait  was in the vicinity of the EM arab tribal  headquarters located in the EARTH geography country with the EM identifier proper noun: United EM  --> United Arabic EMIRATES.



United Arab EM   Map / Geography of United Arab Electro-Magnetic Fields ... - World Atlas





United Arab Emirates Map / Geography of United Arab ... - World Atlas

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Magic carpet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A magic carpet, also called a flying carpet, is a legendary carpet that can be used to transport persons who are on it instantaneously or quickly to their ...

Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf song) - Wikipedia, the free ...

"Magic Carpet Ride" is a rock song written by John Kay and Rushton Moreve from the Canadian-American hard rock band Steppenwolf. The song was initially ...
 East meets West sofa is meant to evoke flying carpets.
Thus, we  have incomplete explanations about the IRAQ/KuWAIT conflict over EM human life forms.

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