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Dr. Martin Luther King helps explain the President Kennedy assassination

RD-blog-number-3902 by Herb Zinser reviews the   data correlation between DR. Martin Luther King's August 1963 speech and the Kennedy assassination of November  1963.


Let's review an information data set provided by Martin Luther King in year 1963.


March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom - Wikipedia ...

Thousands of Americans headed to Washington on Tuesday August 27, 1963. On Wednesday, August 28, 1963. Martin Luther King, Jr., standing in front of the ...
Now..... the world is composed of atoms and their electrons.   Even  Dr. Martin Luther Kings is constructed of electrons.
In addition ..  he is surrounded by all kinds of electron devices that use copper wire and electricity.  Above, we see such  periodic atomic table electron entities as microphones and television cameras.   Hence,  we can consider people and device existent on EARTH ...as existing within an electron continuum  ...with several different formats of electron expression.
Hence, the importance of the Dr. Martin Luther King 63 atomic signal in year 1963  about the city contained within electricity.
Thus the speech  ..the electron continuum speech VIA atomic bio-physics spokesperson DR.KING   --> "I have a dream".
Thus Dr. King's electron body   ... a  human  member of  Nature's electron continuum  has LINKED with other Sartre existential entities in the electron continuum to convey a message. 
SYMBOL MACHINE analysis of  the Dr. King secret code words  gives .....
August --> algebra subset  letters --->Au implies Author  
Dream ---> D + ream --> Data ream --> Data 500 sheets of cellulose paper 
Dream --> a Carl Jung  atomic electron collective thought message that is rising up to a level of  partial conscious expression VIA the brain electrons in Dr. Martin Luther King .............
 August 28, 1963 --> code --> A 28 63 -->  Computer address  displacement 28 (relative to zero) of copper with atomic number 29 (relative to one) and atomic mass 63

Addressing mode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The IBM System/360 mainframe had only three addressing modes; a few more have been .... This is sometimes referred to as 'base plus displacement' ... If the offset is zero, this becomes an example of register indirect addressing; the effective ...
Thus the  date August 28  ..... computer offset 28 relative to zero --> equivalent to -->  copper 29 atomic number relative to 1.
We all are taught about the history of Nikoli Tesla and his EARTH resonance waves .....  and the copper atomic number 29 financial crises in the eletron continuum in 1929.

Wall Street Crash of 1929 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known as Black Tuesday or the Stock Market Crash of 1929, began in late October 1929 and was the most devastating stock ...

Nikola Tesla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nikola Tesla (Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Тесла; 10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was a ..... This innovative electric motor, patented in May 1888, was a simple .... Tesla .....,  .... from lightning storms confirmed his belief that the earth had a resonant frequency.
Hence, in more accurate words ... we can view the Dr. King signal  as .........

The  electron March on Washington, DC  (Direct Current political directors) : Photos From an Epic Civil Rights ...

  • life.time.com/.../march-on-washington-photos-from-an-ep...
  • Life Magazine
  • So many scenes from the August 28, 1963, March on Washington are now familiar to so many of us—and the cadence of Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have a ...

March on Washington for Jobs and math function degrees of Freedom - Wikipedia ...

  • en.wikipedia.org/.../March_on_Washington_for_Jobs_and_Fr...
  • Wikipedia
  • Thousands of Americans headed to Washington on Tuesday August 27, 1963. On Wednesday, August 28, 1963. Martin Luther King, Jr., standing in front of the ...






The next copper atomic mass 63  signal occurred in November  1963. 


Assassination of John F. Kennedy - Wikipedia, the free ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated at 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time (18:30 UTC) on Friday, November 22, ...


History of the Texas School Book Depository | The Sixth ...

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Now housing The Sixth Floor Museum, the Texas School Book Depository was ... Following the Kennedy assassination, the building became the focus of shock, .



Thus we have SYMBOL MACHINE keywords CLUES from the news reports about the tragic signaling EVENT.......

November --> subset letters --> Nove  --> Implies --> Novel   or BOOK  or Textbook

Texas School Book Depository --> again implies novels/ books /literature/ optics eye  reading and study material 

Year 1963 --> 63 --> implies copper atomic mass



Above physics words ..... one lone electron ....... hence, the electron continuum  and its Darwinian selection of the geography state of TEXAS  and the Texas motto ..the lone star state ...for the message.

Texas State Nickname - The Lone Star State

Probably the best known state nickname, "The Lone Star State" originates from the star on the 1836 flag of the Republic of Texas ... more Texas symbols.


The lone star state ... quantum states ... and copper has one lone electron in its outer shell  --> the shell transformation to a gun bullet shell  --> that bullet then causes news bulletins to be printed,

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists informs the public about threats to the survival and development of humanity from nuclear weapons, climate change, and ...

Current issue

Cu .............issue

cur --> Current of electricity  and electric fields

Copper Current  issue 

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists informs the public ...


Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist

Bullet   in of the Atomic Scientist

Bullet   input to Atomic humans


Thus ......  we  have several pieces to a puzzle  ...... the final key is provided by the Presidential office and its related nouns ....


Thus we look at the clues  .......

--> Camp David  --> name David 

--> Copper atom --> name Copper

--> electric fields  --> word field

--> November --> a book novel

--> Dream --> Data ream 500 sheets (suggests a big book in  English literature)


Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or
by expressing the invisible or intangible
by means of visible


Thus we see the existence of  one of the many dimensions described by M-theory  and string theory.

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